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Datasheets of Semiconductors & Electronic Parts

  • V30MLA1210WA
    Surface mount varistor. Ag/Pd. Max continuous working voltage 30VDC, 25VAC. Bulk pack .
  • WS512K32L-45G1TIA
    45ns; 5V power supply - 3.3V parts also available; 512K x 32 SRAM module, SMD 5962-94611
  • AGM1532A-FLBTS-T
    0.3-6.5V; 5.0mA; dot size0.50 x 0.55mm; dot pitch0.55 x 0.60mm; AZ display
  • AV9248F-39
    Frequency generator and integrated for Pentium/PRO
    InputV110V; outputV3.3V; 75-300W; 15-60A; single, dual and triple output DC-DC converter to applications that might otherwise require a custom supply
  • 05W2A
    500 mW, 5 mA, zener diode
  • X10FG
    1000 V rectifier 1.5 A forward current, 150 ns recovery time
  • A1750A37FFSC06
    DWDM analog forward-path(40MHz-860MHz) module. Connector SC/APC. Optical power 6 mW.
  • M38253M7MXXXFP
    RAM size 512 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • PSC05-11HWA
    12.7 mm (0.5 inch) 16 segment single digit alphanumeric numeric display. Bright red.
  • 28LV64PI-6
    Low voltage CMOS. 64K electrically erasable programmable ROM. 8K x 8 bit EEPROM. Access time 400 ns.
    Input Voltage90-132/180-264Vac; output Voltage20-95V; 150-600W; 30-120A autoranging AC-DC switcher
  • CAT93C6611JA-28TE13
    4K 2.85-3.0V Supervisory circuit with microwire serial CMOS EEPROM, precision reset controller and watchdog timer

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