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Datasheets of Semiconductors & Electronic Parts

  • LMX2354SLDX
    2.5 GHz/550 MHz PLLatinum Fractional N RF / Integer N IF Dual Low Power Frequency Synthesizer
  • C7300-10-12NRP
    12-bit; MAX 250Hz readout (1280x16); 1.3 Mpixels; high performance digital CCD camera
  • CLC450AJM5X
    CLC450 Single Supply, Low-Power, High Output, Current Feedback Amplifier
  • G19CO-DC12-11
    Relay. Coils 12. Contact form C. Open frame. Footprint European.
  • M38046FD-HP
    RAM size 896bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • 269-B-280-M-14XX-C
    DFB, multimode pump laser module. Stable wavelength perfoprmance within the 1420 nm to 1510 nm (wavelength 14xx). Operating power 280 mW. Nonisolated, PMF. Connector FC/APC.
  • HC4HP-AC12V
    HC-relay. Miniature relay for wide applications. 4 form C. Coil voltage 12 V AC. PC board terminal. Standard type.
  • CL-191G-CD
    SMD LED lamp. Size(mm) 1.6(L)x0.8(W)x0.6(H). Colored(standard). Diffused(standard). Standard brightness. Lighting color green. Peak wave length 567 nm. Bulk packing.
  • C-5570EG
    Common cathode hi.effi red/green 2 inch, 5x7 dot matrix display
  • M38252M4DXXXFP
    RAM size 384 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • MSK5008BTU
    Dual positive/negative, 3A, low dropout fixed voltage regulator
  • TLE2161BMJGB
  • PCF1252-9P
    2,6 V, threshold detector and reset generator
  • TE28F004BV-B80
    4-Mbit (256K x 16, 512K x 8) SmartVoltage boot block flash memory family. V=(5 or 12 / 3.3 or 5) voltage options (Vpp/Vcc)
  • RE5VL29AA-RF
    Voltage detector. Detector threshold 2.9V. Output type Nch open drain. Taping type RF
  • 269-A-230-M-14XX-C
    DFB, multimode pump laser module. Stable wavelength perfoprmance within the 1420 nm to 1510 nm (wavelength 14xx). Operating power 230 mW. Nonisolated, SMF. Connector FC/APC.
  • 5962-9657601VXC
    RadHard MSI SMD. Look-ahead carry generator for counters. Class V, QML. Lead finish gold. Total dose none.
  • MC68HC001RC16
    Microprocessor, 16-/ 32-bit data and address registers, 16-Mbyte direct addressing range, memory-mapped input/output (I/O), 14 addressing modes, 16MHz
  • NMAQ31750FS
    High performance MIL-STD-1750 microprocessor
  • 5962D0053602TUC
    512K x 8 SRAM MCM SDM. 25ns access time, 5.0V operation. QML class T. Lead finish gold. Total dose 1E4(10krad(Si)).

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