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Datasheets of Semiconductors & Electronic Parts

  • CAT25C321SI-17TE13
    32K 1.7-1.8V Supervisory circuits with SPI serial EEPROM, precision reset controller and watchdog timer
  • AGM1212B-RLGBW-T
    0.3-7.0V; Dots 128x128dots; dot size0.32x0.32mm; dot pitch0.35x0.35mm; AZ display
  • M38048M7-XXHP
    RAM size 1536bytes single chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • LS6J2M-2D/FG
    Surface mountable illuminated switch. Thickness 2.5mm. Operating force 1.96N. Lighting color orange/fresh green. Bulk packing.
  • M38201M1-XXFP
    RAM size 256 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • TQ4-L2-3V
    TQ-relay. Low profile 4 form C relay. Standard (B.B.M.) type. 2 coil latching. Standard PC board terminal. Nominal voltage 3 V DC.
  • S9518P
    Nonvolatile DACPOT electronic potentiometer with debounced push button interface
  • CAT93C5722J-25TE13
    2K 2.55-2.7V Supervisory circuit with microwire serial CMOS EEPROM, precision reset controller and watchdog timer
  • M38200M5DXXXHP
    RAM size 192 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • ACM1604C-RLGW-T
    2.7-5.5V; 16characters x 4lines; dot size0.55x0.55mm; dot pitch0.60x0.60mm; liquid crystal display
  • M38257MB-XXHP
    RAM size 1024 bytes; single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer
  • UT54ACS163PCC
    RadHard MSI. 4-bit synchronous counter. CMOS compatible I/O level. Lead finish gold.
  • MI-J6JIY
    Input voltage270V; outputV36V; 50W; 10A; military DC-DC converter. For military applications utilizing distributed power architectures
  • SMBZ-5230B
    4.7 V 500 mW, silicon planar zener diode
  • GP103C-AC240-L
    Relay. Coil voltage 240 VAC. Contact arrangement 3C. Contact material AgCdO. Option neon lamp.
  • M38184M2-XXFP
    Single-chip 8-bit CMOS microcomputer, 8192 ROM, 640 RAM (XXX-ROM number)

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